About Us


There’s so much about me that I better start from the beginning. Raised in a small cost village, I’ve always been interested in fashion and culture. I remember being a pioneer at school inspired by the fashion trends of people around the world.
I’ve always felt a bit misunderstood and that got me to where I am now, my background is very common, growing up with a small Norwegian family in Spain and with lots of restlessness, always new that I wanted to travel and explore the world, and it’s what I’ve been doing the last few years.
From working in a store to randomly starting in a model agency, I decided to move to LA and I ended up growing an Instagram following to where I am now, working as an influencer, with some of the biggest brands and magazines.
For me, being ambitious is part of my personality and also the love and passion I have for life and learning made me start writing my own philosophy book “COME IN” and my fashion brand “IN BY IN”.
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